VR Training

Do you want to save time and reduce cost to train your employees? Let us analyze your business and develop an immersive virtual model, where your employees will experience interactive 3D training, carefully planned by expert instructional designers who optimize learner’s time in the experience.

AR Marketing

Marketing the product or enjoying a game, your wish will be our command. We will create viral marketiable AR content after critically studying your business demand. Whether you want your customers to see digital cars in their garage or play a digital combat on their dining tables, we can develop it all.

MR World

The top notch cutting edge tech, Mixed Reality, has evolved the working process of the world. From gamified immersive and interactive simulations to entertainment, Mixed Reality is putting its light on everything. Let us develop the best MR experience to fulfill your business needs in the best way.

About Us

TRIXR aims to analyze your business demand in the best way to provide optimum, risk free and cost effective solutions for your needs by resting in the realm of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Taknik, the outstanding technical software service provider, is the master key behind the solid gear TriXR. Join and let us create a better future together.

Our Work

MartX video explaination


The Virtually Immersive & Interactive Buying And Selling App

With a lot of other problems, Covid’19 has stolen the freedom of free roaming in the marketplace. We have developed MartX an interactable virtual immersive marketplace, where you can find, buy online and get delivered any item of your choice. Not only this, you can also rent out a space in the mega environment, where you can market and sell your own products. MartX is a dual platform which benefits both the buyer and sellers.

V Learn

Virtual Reality Training App

Humans learn by interacting, deriving and retaining the information from the environment. TriXR, using the cutting edge VR tech, is developing virtually immersive training that will help people to interact and learn in the 3D digital environment. A time and cost effective solution for many practical tasks for industrial use.


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